BIAŁYSTOK, 11-13 kwietnia 2008


Sekcja teorii sterowania i układów dynamicznych


Wykłady i komunikaty


Zbigniew Bartosiewicz

Variational symmetries and Noether's theorem on time scales (slide) (abstract)


Ewa Girejko

On generalized differentials and invariance of differential inclusions (abstract)


Joanna Jaroszewska

On invariant measures and chaotic properties of flows generated by the Mackey-Rudnicki equations (abstract)


Tadeusz Kaczorek

Reachability of fractional positive continuous-time linear systems


Ülle Kotta

Design of observers for a class of nonlinear systems in associative observer form (abstract)


Natália da Costa Martins

An Euler-Lagrange equation for variational problems with higher-order nabla derivatives (abstract)


Piotr Mormul

Moduli and nilpotent approximations in the monster tower (abstract)


Dorota Mozyrska

Remarks on generalized series on time scales (abstract)


Tanel Mullari

The connection between different static state feedback linearizability conditions of discrete time nonlinear control systems (abstract)


Ewa Pawłuszewicz

Equivalence of discrete time - variant control systems (abstract)


Ewa Piotrowska

Lyapunov theorems on asymptotic stability of dynamical systems on time scales (slide) (abstract)


Anna Poskrobko

Age-dependent single-species population dynamics with delayed argument (slide) (abstract)


Małgorzata Wyrwas

Algebraic tools for analysis of input-output equations on homogeneous time scales and its applications for solving some control problems (abstract)


Zbigniew Zaczkiewicz

Weak observability of small solutions of differential-algebraic systems with delays (slide) (abstract)